Beam Combiner                                                                                                                                    Last update: 2019-08-13

The Beam Combiner stuff we bought throug the AliExpress channel did not have enough adjustment possibilities, so it was modified in several ways. Basically two independent adjustments are required: First to aim the pilot laser such that it hits the combiner mirror exactly at the place where the CO2 beam leaves this mirror (should be the center of the mirror), secondly to adjust the combiner mirror such that the pilot beam is exacltly aligned with the CO2 beam.
Also it was positioned in a non-perpendicular way to have more margin for the CO2 beam width.

The presence of the beam combiner required the laser tube to be placed more to the right of the machine, which made it extend into the electronics compartment. A special cubical was made to separate the tube area from the electronics area.