X-Axis                                                                                                                   Last update: 2019-08-13

The X motor seen from the backside of the machine. We also see the Y-caterpillar carying the air-assist hoses and some electric cables.
The hoses go into the U-profile which serves as reinforcement of the X-beam in the horizontal plane, and carries the X-caterpillar (not on this picture).
Note the u-shaped plastic guide for the lower side of the X-timing belt.
We also see the right-side Y-timing belt with a glimpse of the green spanner below the X-beam.

View from a different angle. The black wires which go throug the wall are for the Y-home- and endswitches.
The Led strips under the X-beam need better glueing.

On the left side of the X-beam sits mirror 2. It is mounted to the endplate with a L-shaped aluminium piece on which also the X-homeswitch is mounted.
Note the slotted acryl plate and the M5 treaded rods which allow translation of the mirror mount in X, Y and Z direction. The mirror mount itself has only facilities to rotate the laserbeam in the horizontal and vertical planes.
The return pully of the X-timing belt is mouted to the X-beam, NOT to the endplate, where it  might de-alineate mirror 2.