Vrijland                                                                                    Latest change 2017-09-28
In brief:
Vrijland (litt: Free Land) is the compound where the Dutch Hackerspace Hack42  is housed. The Hackerspace rents two stories in the building seen on the heading of the website. Slightly visible there, to the far left, is a chapel which is currently in use for weddings, conferences,  exhibitions, parties, etc. It is there where I installed a Foucault Pendulum. You can find it on Google Earth coordinates 52 deg 02'14.21"N, 5 deg 54'05.84"E.

The pendulum has operated here for a few days and was showed to the public during the Hack42 Open Day at october 8, 2017, the "Weekend of Science" when many science institutions open their doors for the public.

In the end of 2019 the message came that Hack42 has to move to another location in 2020. So there will be no further attempts to install a pendulum here.


Building the setup in the back of the chapel. The Top Mount is hanging off from the balcony at approximately 5.5 meter high. In future it should be mounted to a raft of the roof, some 4 meters higher. I'll do that only when I am very sure that it needs no attention for at least a year, because it is a hard to access location. With the experience of the broken cable this will be postponed to next year.